Speaking to the radio station, “Real FM”, Greek Interior Minister P. Kouroumplis (photo) announced, on Thursday October 1st, new legislation to stop law-breaking civil servants from returning to jobs.

According to the Greek Interior Minister, the newly formed government will soon introduce to the parliament, legislation in order to stop all public-sector employees found guilty of serious transgressions or criminal actions from returning back to their jobs while their case is being processed.

Mr. Kouroumplis admitted that the affair did not create the best impressions, noting that it “highlights the administration’s inability to act promptly and dependably.”

“There is a time limit in which these disciplinary actions must be carried out and concluded. We cannot leave things like this,” he said, adding that he had spoken with Alternate Minister for Administrative Reform Christoforos Vernardakis and they agreed on the need to immediately pass legislation that will prevent such employees from returning to their work until the disciplinary proceedings against them were concluded.

Mr Kouroumplis also announced that an ordinance will be tabled in Parliament as soon as sessions begin, as far as, according to Greek Interior Minister, this legislation seems to be very important for the new Greek government.

D.E.K.A president Mr. N. Papadakos when informed about Interior Minister announcement expressed his support to such kind of actions.

"At last someone who intends to do something in order to reform our country and turn it to the path of development"