The D.E.K.A New Entrepreneurs Network (DEKA-NEN) is an Institute established by D.E.K.A (September 2015)in order to create a new generation of outstandingyoung entrepreneurswho will build market-leading businesses and play a key role in driving Greece's future prosperity.

DEKA-NEN’s vision is the transformation of Greek businessby creating the entrepreneurial leaders of the future, a procedure strictly necessary in order Greece to achieve sustainable development which is the key factor for the creation of  new and viable jobsand for the battle against unemployment.

DEKA-NEN’s mission is to build an active community of young entrepreneurswith the skills, knowledge and vision to start, create and lead businesses related to the real needs of the global market.

The accomplishment of Institute's goal is planned to happen by running a change-making programme that combines real- life business experience in fast growing SMEs with intensive training, business mentoring and coaching; connecting businesses and entrepreneurial talent through D.E.K.A work placement scheme, events programme and alumni network; developing awareness and interest in entrepreneurship among schools through an outreach programme.

Each year D.E.K.A intends to select around 20 young, aspiring entrepreneurs from Technological Parks, Business Schools, Centres for youth enterpneursip etc totake part in our 12-month programme which consists of six main components

1. An Intensive, Immersive and Interactive 4-6 month Fast-Track Programme with workshops from D.E.K.A’s corporate members and sponsors (Lavita pharmaceutics; Flair technological fund etc), business schools (Cosmos Open University, Intered etc), Centres for Continuing Education (Techvision KEK, Euroteam KEK etc) and other specialist learning providers.

2. A Paid Work Placement in an exciting, innovative, high growth company working alongside a successful entrepreneur and/or their senior management team, experiencing at close quarters how to run a successful company.

3. Monthly Speakers & Networking Events featuring established business leaders and inspirational entrepreneurs.

4. An Executive Coach for each team of the New Entrepreneurs.

5. A Business Mentor specially selected from the rich source of D.E.K.A's "Think Tank", in order to guide the young entrepreneurs through career path.

6. Participation to special International Forums and Business Delegations (twice yearly) in order DEKA-NEN young entrepreneurs to be in touch with the real global market.

D.E.K.A - N.E.N organization is led by a highly experienced and accomplished team of business and education people who have been instrumental in shaping the Greek business world, sharing a passion to help youth to discover and develop entrepreneurship in our country.