A D.E.K.A letter to European Union leaders


From: The Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development


To: Τhe European Union Governments and the E.U. Institutions

cc: Parties of the Hellenic Parliament, E.U Embassies in Athens.

Ladies and Gentlemen

with this letter, the Greek Network for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development, representing its members from the private sector of the economy, considers that the points that cause the sharpening of the crisis in our country and at the same time are the real causes for the failure to find a solution to the problem of the convergence of views on achieving a just and viable agreement between Greece and the European Institutions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Europe bears the same responsibility with Greece regarding the situations which we experience today because it chose to support the Greek politicians instead of the Greek citizens.
Because it chose to preserve the ignorance in our country, at the expense of knowledge and information.
Because it settled with the opening of new markets for the banks and the products of its industries at the expense of development and progress of our country, thus compromising the prospect of Greece becoming a competitive financial entity.
Because itprotected thosewho aimed at their survival through the next elections in Greece, rather than those who aimed at the survival and the progress of Greece’s future generations.
Because itvoluntarily preserved generations ofvicious politicians in the country, who regardless of the political or ideological premises they represented, they redeemed the swelling of a wasteful and deep state with power requirements, so that through them, the EU itself, could monitor the developments through the invincible systemic state that was proliferating.
Because it tolerated the regime of corruption, of vested interests and systematic lawlessness that constantly increased the dependence of Greece on theEU.
Because all the measures that were previously proposed in the form of the troika and other institutions had no developmental and productive character, but only economical terms, thus hiding under the carpet the real causes of the crisis.
The real causes of the crisis, which clearly lead the two sides in a frontal impact, are not those presented by the opposing parties, nor the dilemma of the referendum was the “yes” or “no” on Greece’sagreement with the EU.
The real cause of the crisis cannot be dealt with neither with false dilemmas nor with unproductive dialogues in order to find the solution in meaningless agreements.
The lack of development policy in the country combined with the lack of a sound competitive environment is the main reason of the crisis itself and the cause that no terms that are described in any Greece-EU agreement could ever be even rudimentarilyimplemented.
Without growth all negotiations and all decisions that will be taken are doomed to failure of implementation, since it is mathematically certain that whichever terms will be signed between the parties will not be in any case respected by any government Greece has or will have in the future.
Only the actual development will be able to bring our country to such a recovery point that it can respond simultaneously to the internal living needs and the requirements of its lenders.
However, this development necessarily passes through a particular rough one-way, an inevitable conflict, through the real dilemma of the crisis which is: Deep counterproductive public and state-unions or a healthy private sector.
Europe which preserved for decades the Greek politicians who supported the enlargement of the deep public sector, the government-funded entrepreneurs, trade unions and unproductive processes at all levels, must highlight the real dilemma for the survival of Greece and tie it with the sought solution to the Greek problem by taking its share of responsibility that corresponds to the creation of the conditions of today.
Europe must stop hiding behind the arrogance of the detached not-responsible and replace inefficient criticism with effective interventions.
It must assume its share of responsibility and accept an equivalent development plan agreement while receding in many of the (seemingly but not really) "fair" requirements.
Europe, along with the Greek politicians it supported, cannot train the Greek people for 35 years on how to avoid development, equivalently subsidizing simultaneously, both itsunlabored wellbeing and the increase of the great state it will be administeredby, and in the end come hypocritically,tearing its clothes by pretending that it fails to understand the counterproductive mentality that pervades the Greek society.
It cannot distance itself from the fact that for many years it was the main supporter of all the canvassing processes that almost all politicians in the country used in order to ensure the ownership of the country by using the enlargement of the clientelist state and the corruption that followed.
Europe is responsible equivalentlywith Greece for the sentence to a slow death of any healthy entrepreneurship appears in the country as well as for the depreciation, injustice and cruelty with which the whole of the real private sector was treated, ie that part of society that preserved and maintained at the maximum point the public funds of the country. Officials in Europe and the governments of the countries that its composed of, as well as the representatives of the governing parties in Greece, which comprise all those that nurtured a country unproductive and uncompetitive, they are not entitled to shed crocodile tears about the future of Europe and the fate of young people.
All these European and Greek politicians have no right to mortgage once again our future. They do not even have the right to exercise their poisonous criticism against the righteous and the unrighteous, after all they are the ones who poisoned our society, neither do they have the right to whistle indifferentlyat the phenomena of unemployment, misery and hunger they created by changing ex post the rules of the game that they themselves set up.
We face a battle full of hypocrisy and fear of responsibility.
It's as if two parallel accomplice worlds are colliding.On the one hand a father that broke his child’s arm to make him able to beg better, and a few years after he accuses and punishes it, because with the broken arm his son cannot work effectively in the fields and produce new income for the family.
On the other hand is the son who killed his parents to go on tour with the orphanage and now relies on the clemency of the court that judges him because he is an orphan.
The right and honest thing to do, is all responsible parties for Greece’s current situation, both European and Greek politicians, instead of fantasizing maximizing profits from the continuing decline of our country, to look for a truly viable solution for everyone.The right and honest thing to do, isfor all responsible for the situation that Greece is experiencing today, to replace the audacity that theyhave in excess with as little pride has remained.
If the main leaders of Europe want Greece to be an equal member in the EU that can meet its obligations and contribute to the completion of the vision of the Union's fathers, then they are required to define directly and then highlight the real dilemma that must be faced with a constructive agreement: "Deep corporatist government-funded public with unproductive "alleged" business or a healthy private sector".
Indeed they should all, Greek and foreign responsible factors, ponder on their responsibility and proportionately allocate the damage that was caused to people and the country for decades because of running a counterproductive state by subsidizing simultaneously measures to solve the real problem, which goes by the name "unproductive country".
The Greeks, as almost all of the peoples of Europe, cannot conceive a Europe without Greece.
It would be as philosophy without Aristotle and Plato. It would be like music without Beethoven and Bach,it would be like literature without Hugo and Dostoevsky.
But both Greece and Europe are obliged not to stick to glories of their past but to jointly march towards the path of progress and prospective, without petty politics and shortsighted interests.
Neither you gentlemen of Europe nor we, are entitled to hide behind our finger, projecting absurd and unrealistic demands by both sides, in order to avoid the agreement and lapse of the responsibilities of those responsible in the creation of the crisis. Neither you gentlemen, nor we, have the right, by any excuse and using any means to mislead our people with dilemmas and hypocritical arguments that only achieve, through the emotions the citizens of our countries, to step away from the most important, which should include the preservation of the European vision.
Unless we all change our behavior then regardless of the outcome of the Greek referendum, the problem of the counterproductive and entangled state will remain intact and it will prepare for its reappearance as soon asthe process of negotiation (in one way or another) disappears from the spotlights.
Ladies and gentlemen managers of Greece and of Europe, you still hold in your hands the YES and NO of the Union's future, we invite you to renounce your petty political interests and take the initiative to support the prospect of our country through real development.
 Ladies and Gentlemen, you who determine the future of Europe, you are invited this time to allow the private sector in Greece to play the role it plays in any developed economy.
If you do not do so, you will let this unique option to be lost once again, probably, in fact, you will close the door to the last opportunity to implement any agreement finally selected in the negotiations.
Without the participation of the healthy Greek private sector in the development of the country, the probability of fulfillment by the Greek side of the terms of any agreement reached, as mild as it is, will be particularly difficult. The model of the large and corporatistGreek state has failed until now at every stage of operation to satisfy the respective convergence conditions between Greece and Europe.
Sacrificing the entire private sector of the country for the sake of your petty political interests made you achieve the maximization of the crisis at a national and European level with all the paradoxes of political and social events that followed it.
With a small shift of the proportional share of the sacrifices that our country has to make towards the side of the counterproductive (and only this) part of the deep public sector , it is certain that in addition to the equal and fair distribution of the burden we have to bear as a people we will certainly succeed, and the historic recovery of Greece will give its honest citizens, who constitute the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of our country, the opportunity to prove to everyone that under fair and healthy political and economic conditions we can become the most creditworthy country in Europe.
Ladies and gentlemen, you that hold in your hands the future of our continent, choose the path of growth and competitiveness and not of infertile economic demands.
Dear leaders, the result of the referendum in Greece should be taken seriously.
The verdict of the Greek people can and should influence developments and your key decisions.
The Greeks with their selection are asking you tochoose YES in the real convergence of our countries and NO to shortsighted and fanatical persistenceto unsuccessful standards of the grim past.
Choose to tackle the problems faced by our common large homeland, in which we all reside for so many millennia, from their root.
To forward honest and realistic solutions that will unite us rather than divide us.
To advance partnerships,which will ensure our political, economic, social and cultural convergence.
In such a situation we assure you that we, the private sector of Greece in cooperation with the civil servants of the country who are struggling in unfavorable conditions and by meager means to maintain the state in a minimally tolerable level of operation as it is today, entrepreneurs and workers in businesses, freelancers, farmers and as our spearhead the youth of our country, we will actively help our continent initially to its overall effort towards cohesion and subsequently to the well-being of its peoples.
Greece needs the actual restart of its economy.
Some of the politicians who recently ruled the country, were elected because of the promises for transparency and restart of the economy of the country but instead they led 260,000 small and medium enterprises to close, while 150,000 businesses are one step away from bankruptcy.
The over-taxation regime, continued tax-raids with any kind of direct or indirect tax, the excessive contributions in social security in conjunction with other anti-development measures that stemmed from the Memorandum, which you uncritically suggested, have made Greece a country of unemployed people.
At least 1.3 million people, coming exclusively from the private sector, lost their jobs because they made the mistake of trying to prosper through the healthy competitiveness instead of choosingthe sureness and confidence that the public sector provides. More than 400,000 small businesses do not currently have the right to health care for daring to try being entrepreneurs.
Each agreement which you major leaders of Greece and Europe will sign, will not bring results if no action is taken for the country to ensure the tackling of interweaving, ensure transparency, restoration of the consequences of the crisis, the necessary reforms that are required in any modern economy, in order for new jobs to be created and social cohesion, the participation of entrepreneurs, professionals and employees in the results of the development that they themselves would be encouraged to create, and to highlight the new role of the “entrepreneur” man in the society of tomorrow.
The Network of Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development, the independent organization that was created to support healthy entrepreneurship so that withits turn it can be able to support the society and the employees, considers that without a change of attitude by all sides in these negotiations, where many things regarding the future of Europe are judged, the agreements that will occur will not face the problem comprehensively.
In this endeavor, our country needs the support of a modern, free from taboos and phobias state and of a Europe which is not blindfolded.
The Network of Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development has proposed a series of equivalent development measures which link the economic conditions of the under negotiation agreement between Greece and Europe with the effectiveness of the necessary reforms in the country so that the requirements of our lenders can adjust downwards depending on the quality of measures to be taken by the Greek Government.
The vision of Adenauer and de Gaulle definitely needs technocrats but more than this it needs people. The numbers can show in many cases much of the truth, but the big picture can be seen only by those who have a vision. Only by those who care about future generations and not about the next elections. Such people dreamed of Europe, such people built Europe and only such people will be able to maintain Europe united and strong.
All responsibility is now in our hands, Europeans and Greeks.
If Europe collapses because of our mishandling, none of the future historians will seek the causes of the disaster in microeconomic differences. If a solution for the future of our continent is not found, possibly for a while some of you will be able to fool the voters for the next elections, ensuring your election, but we assure you that no one will ever be able to explain to our children and the children of our children why they were cut off from their past and deprived of the future.