Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development D.E.K.A

  Ladies and gentlemen

with this letter, the Greek Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development D.E.K.A., representing members from the private sector of the economy, identifies the points that cause the sharpening of the crisis in our country and at the same time they are the real causes of the inability to find a solution for achieving a just and long lasting agreement between Greece and the European Institutions.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Europe bears the same responsibility with Greece for the situation which we experience today because Europe, up to now, has chosen to support the Greek politicians instead of the Greek citizens.
Europe has chosen to preserve our country's ignorance at the expense of knowledge and information.Because it was satisfied with the opening of new markets for banks and products of its industries at the expense of development and progress of Greece itself, compromising the prospect of Greece becoming a competitive entity.Because it has chosen to support politicians who had in mind their next reelection, than supporting the citizens and their future.
Because all the measures previously proposed did not target growth but just pure accounting and thus hiding under the carpet the real causes of the crisis.The lack of development policy in the country combined with the lack of a sound competitive environment is the main reason of the crisis. Without growth, all negotiations and all decisions taken are doomed to fail. Only the actual prospect of development will be able to bring our country to such a recovery point that can respond simultaneously to the internal living needs and requirements of its lenders.However, the economic growth necessarily passes through a particular rough-way through an inevitable conflict, through the real dilemma of the crisis which is: Deep counterproductive public and state-unions or healthy private sector.
Europe which preserved for decades the Greek politicians who supported the enlargement of the large state, the government-funded entrepreneurs, trade unions and unproductive processes at all levels, must highlight the real dilemma for the survival of Greece and to tie it with solutions sought for the Greek problem by taking its share of responsibility that corresponds to the creation of the conditions of today.Ladies and gentlemen, leaders of Greece and Europe, you still hold in your hands the YES and NO of the Union's future. We invite you to take the initiative to support the prospect of our country through the real growth. Ladies and Gentlemen, you who determine the future of Europe, you are invited for a time to allow the private sector in Greece to play the role it plays in any developed economy.
Without the participation of healthy Greek private sector in the development of the country, the probability of fulfillment by Greek side the terms of any agreement reached, as mild as it is, will be particularly difficult. Sacrificing the entire private sector of the country for the sake of other interests, you have achieved the maximization of the crisis at national and European level with all the paradoxes of political and social events that followed it.The responsibility is in our hands. If Europe collapses because of our mishandling, none of the historians of the future will seek the causes of the disaster in microeconomic differences. If you do not find a solution for the future of our continent, possibly for the short term some of you will be able to fool the voters for the next elections, but it is certain that no one will ever be able to explain to our children why their future was denied.